Group Commercial Manager

Tori’s career experience to date includes front of house, sales office and revenue management in Hilton Group, Paragon Hotels & Macdonald Hotels & Resorts before joining Legacy Hotels & Resorts soon after its inception as Revenue Manager at the Falcon Hotel, Stratford upon Avon. In 2007 she took on a group role heading up Revenue & Distribution and in 2021 moved into her current role of Group Commercial manager.

Tori’s focus is engaging and driving commercial sales support. This includes implementing revenue, sales & marketing strategies, plans and processes for the hotel to ensure revenue and room night sales goals are achieved, sales and marketing strategies are set, tactical plans are created and implemented, and results are monitored and achieved.

She also manages the Groups, Meetings and Events departments with enquiry handling to ensure the correct decisions are made when quoting and displacement analysis have been reviewed and considered.

She delivers Legacy’s e-marketing programme, maintains Legacy’s marketing database, and ensures the hotels online presence across the portfolio is updated with relevant content and manages the creation of new promotional pages and offers.

Tori also delivers specific sales training and development support plans into the hotels which includes revenue management, reservations call handling and effective sales training and enquiry conversion.

Tori manages the central engagement of all brands managed within Legacy to ensure open relationships for support. She also takes the lead on branded hotel pre openings and take overs.

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