Assistant to Finance Director

Svetlana came to the UK in 2002 to improve her English skills and help her PA Career back in Latvia. She has a degree in PE and Personal Assistant & Secretarial qualifications. After arriving in the UK she studied at Colchester College and joined the hospitality industry gaining experience in all departments of a busy hotel.

In 2004 Svetlana took an Open University course in Bookkeeping and Payroll and decided to settle permanently in the UK. Her first job in accounting started in 2005 preparing cashflow reports and paying suppliers for a care home company.

After a break in employment due to maternity, she moved to Stratford-upon-Avon in 2008 to join the F&B team at The Legacy Falcon Hotel. Two years later Svetlana was offered training in the accounts department. On completion of this training, she assumed the position of accounts assistant for The Legacy Rose & Crown Hotel. Between 2011-2013 Svetlana completed the HOSPA Financial Management course.

Svetlana left The Legacy team in 2015 for her 2nd maternity leave but was invited back to join the team in 2021 initially to assist several hotels with various aspects such as daily business, purchasing, credit control and forecasting, and then took on the role of Assistant to the Financial Director.

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