Group Revenue and Distribution Manager

Robbie has a background in Front of House Management, Meetings & Events and Revenue Management across both branded and unbranded properties.

Robbie’s career experience includes working with Thistle Hotels, Country Town Hotels and Macdonald Hotels, he joined Legacy hotels in 2006 and worked through the portfolio at various properties as Assistant Manager and then moving into Front of House, Meetings & Events, and sales office roles before becoming the Revenue & Distribution Assistant in 2011 and progressing to Manager of this discipline in 2021.

Robbie is responsible for revenue best practice standards to include competitor analysis; environmental scanning; market modelling; distribution yield management; business mix yield management; length of stay yield management; inventory availability by channel and pricing controls in our client hotels to maximise their revenue.

Additional Robbie is responsible for optimizing & expanding our distribution partners and whilst also ensuring our online distribution channels are managed & maximised.

He also drives the account management of our preferred marketing programmes, Legacy Group voice & web central reservations, affiliate partners and GDS distribution platform including the RFP process.

Robbie maintains high online presence of the hotels within the group through marketing communications in respect to social media channels, metasearch, and online directory site.

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