Novotel Liverpool


Paddington Village


As the highest hotel in the city, there will be plenty of space for amenities. The 16-floor Liverpool Paddington Village includes a variety of sophisticated meeting rooms, a 53sqm gym and a ground floor coffee shop. Casual all-day dining options include a restaurant and bar with panoramic views of the River Mersey as it stretches out to the Wirral peninsula.

Every one of the 221 rooms will also house a 55-inch television. With long-stay, apartment style accommodation available, Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village will showcase the best of what Novotel has to offer, with stunning design features in both the rooms and public spaces.

Why Paddington Village?

Liverpool continues to grow as a vibrant city with an abundance of character, a fantastic UK location for business and leisure travellers.

The £1bn Paddington Village development will sit at the eastern gateway to the city centre. As one of the first brands to be a part of the development, the hotel will not only offer travellers and locals a place to stay, but will become a part of the Paddington Village community, providing a place to dine, entertain and relax.

The development is part of the local authority’s vision to cement the city region as an international destination of significance for the life-science, healthcare and technology industries.

The Novotel way

At Novotel, guests can feel at ease whether they’re travelling solo, or as a family. Novotel continues to develop its brand and style to ensure that its guests have an unforgettable experience as they relax, stay, or work. Whether travelling for business or leisure, Novotel provides every guest with a forward-thinking design that encapsulates elegance, modernity and simplicity. Novotel Liverpool Paddington Village is a destination in itself and is at the cutting-edge of where the

Novotel brand is heading in 2021 and beyond.

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