Associate Director – Development Consultant


Nigel started his operational career in hotels back in 1978 working for Whitbread Plc, Trust House Forte and Stakis Hotels & Resorts.  Over the past 15 years, Nigel has focused on the operational development and successful pre-opening of numerous hotel development projects across the UK.

Nigel’s role within Legacy is to be part of the design team pre-construction to ensure that the design decisions taken are optimal for the requirements of the original project feasibility, chosen brand requirements (where applicable), the approved development cost budget ensuring a successful pre-opening and launch of the hotel.

In recent years, Nigel has led and delivered projects such as Staybridge Suites – Birmingham City Centre – 189 rooms, Ramada Encore Hotel – Luton Airport – 124 rooms, Holiday Inn Express – Yardley in Birmingham – 83 rooms, Park Regis Hotel – Birmingham – 253 rooms.

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