Credit Controller

Julie first entered the Hospitality Industry aged 17 working in a large entertainment venue in Birmingham. She then moved in to Banking and eventually became a Branch Manager for Nationwide Building Society. 

In 1989 Julie joined a Midland Housing Association running a team of Housing Advisors and educating both the public and professional bodies alike, in the burgeoning range of Housing Options beginning to enter the market for the elderly.  Julie was however keen to get back into Hospitality full time again, and in 1993 she took over the management of a country pub, overseeing the introduction of a successful food operation, whilst studying for her Degree in Hotel Business Management. She then moved to Accor in 1997 as a Food and Beverage Manager at Birmingham City Centre before leaving in 2001 to start a family.

Julie resumed her career in 2002, at The Legacy Falcon Hotel in Stratford-upon-Avon, where she moved out of operations and into the Accounts Department. She was there until 2017 when she returned to Legacy in a Head Office role, working alongside the hotels assisting them with all aspects of Credit Control and managing and analysing the group debt.  

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