Associate Development Director


A qualified architect and experienced hotel interior designer with over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry, Caroline has worked in Seattle and across the UK with key projects in Bath, Gatwick and London. She has extensive experience working on listed buildings such as The Langham Hotel in London, Shires Yard in Bath and Shaw House in Newbury.

Having joined Hilton Group as Senior Project Manager responsible for a regional portfolio of assets, she has specialised in the project management of hotel developments – both new build and large scale complex re-furbishment schemes.

Caroline became Project Director and client representative working on behalf of RBS on the re-furbishment of Grosvenor House Hotel, Park Lane, London.  The £120 million refurbishment of this iconic 5 star hotel covered the property’s management by Le Meridien Hotels and subsequently Marriott Hotels.  During the project, Caroline was responsible for the appointment of the multi-disciplinary design team and overall direction of the project to meet the RBS’s objectives and JW Marriott exacting brand standards.

Caroline went on to join RPW Design as Director of Projects to work on the re-furbishment of London Marriott County Hall Hotel amongst other international hospitality projects both internationally branded and independent.

Mum of teenage twins, Caroline now combines home life with working in private practise and her role within Legacy Hotels & Resorts Limited.

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