Chief Executive Officer and Founding Director

With over 30 years of operational experience in the hospitality and leisure sector, after early career years with DeVere, Whitbread Lansbury and Stakis Hotels, Andy became Director of Food & Beverage Concepts for Stakis Hotels and subsequently Hilton UK with responsibility covering projects within its hotels, casinos and Livingwell Health and Leisure Clubs. In early 2001, off of the back of the companies public to private transaction, the acquisition of Heritage Hotels from Granada Compass plus the conclusion of the purchase of the remaining 50% of its joint venture with Barrett Developments, Andy joined Macdonald Hotels & Resorts initially as Managing Director of its UK & Spanish Resort business, travel company and timeshare resale operations – subsequently moving on to become Managing Director of the groups managed portfolio of hotels.

In 2005, Andy co-founded Legacy Hotels & Resorts as a dedicated full service management company now recognised as one of the UK’s leading ‘white label’ operators of internationally branded and independent hotels. The portfolio extends to include projects also in Southern Spain, The Republic of North Macedonia and Scandinavia.

Whilst remaining actively involved in the day to day detail of the operating businesses Andy prioritises his time in the development of new projects working with owner/stakeholder groups to establish their investment horizons and priorities – to include the onboarding of existing trading assets that require active management and performance improvements which may include investment strategies to capture value enhancing refurbishments or re-positioning – at times opening up the opportunity to consider branding options and their respective returns on investment.

Andy is the independent Non-Executive Director of a 200 bedroom hotel, exhibition and convention centre in Skopje, North Macedonia and former Chairman of UK Hospitality (previously British Hospitality Association) – Heart of England. Andy is now a member of the UK Hospitality Advisory Council and Industry Advisor to The Warwickshire College Group for its Moreton Hall Industry Advisory Board which is seeking to establish and operate a working hotel school.

Often Andy supports the recovery, turnaround of assets, independent business reviews, bank monitoring and NED positions for various banks and stakeholders through the advisory business Andy co-owns, Hospitality Ventures Limited (HVL).

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