Human Resources

Across the group, we identify that the greatest asset is held within its people and those within the hotels which it manages.  Within the business, there is a dedicated Director of Human Resource and Development.  To assist the function centrally and at hotel level, the team are centrally supported with a dedicated HR Administrator ensuring contract compliance, recruitment procedures and monitoring, identifying training and skill requirement and delivering service excellence.

With significant importance given to the requirements of statutory training, a large emphasis is placed on core skills training both at departmental level but also across the disciplines to offer maximum interest for the staff and efficiency in the business with multi-skilling.

The group co-ordinates the key employee relations functions which are supported on a day to day basis by the HR function and General Managers.  We place a significant emphasis on performance excellence and have a robust performance management programme.

We believe that our business is driven by people with the right attitude and behaviours.  To this end, all of our team members, at all levels across the group, participate in regular assessments and job chats to ensure that the focus of the staff is aligned to the immediate objectives within the business.

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