Our Group Property & Compliance Department is headed up by our Group Property Our Property & Compliance Department’s objective is attaining accreditation in Health & Safety Practices for the hotels by supporting the units in the delivery of statutory compliance and best practice. This is driven by the implementation and utilisation of Health & Safety policies, audits and inspections developed in conjunction with FoodCheck Ltd a sector specialist in hotels, lesiure and retail.

Further support to the Health & Safety objective is generated by the implementation of a comprehensive and robust programme for planned preventative maintenance where possible to plant and equipment utilising audited and monitored contractors, and staff safety awareness and due diligence is focused by training at hotel level working in close association with a number of in-house and independent training providers. In all hotels practical training sessions are supplemented in a range of statutory matters via E-Learning modules using “Aims Perform Online” which trains, examines and certificates all team members.

In addition the Legacy property team will interface on behalf of the hotel managers with their local statutory authorities to resolve issues relating to health & safety or fire safety matters in their hotels and agree workable cost effective resolutions to matters raised within agreed time lines.

At Legacy Hotels & Resorts we are leading our sector with a comprehensive implementation, training and auditing process of due diligence and statutory compliance that includes:

Fire & Life Safety: delivered by a NEBOSH qualified Legacy Regional Manager

  • Risk assessment production and monitoring.
  • Fire warden training and monitoring.
  • Emergency evacuation processes and evaluation.

Health and safety at work policy compliance:

  • Food safety compliance
  • COSHH training and implementation
  • Water hygiene management
  • Portable Appliance Testing
  • Hard Wire Testing
  • Gas safety inspections

Disability Discrimination:

  • Employee training in non discriminatory procedures

Liquor licensing:

  • Personal license holder training and certification
  • License applications, transfers and DPS registration
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